Di sini, kami melihat dua tim terbaik dari seluruh musim ini. Mereka telah melalui berbagai ujian dan tantangan untuk sampai ke titik ini. Mereka telah bekerja keras, berlatih tanpa henti, dan meraih kemenangan demi kemenangan. Hari ini, semua yang mereka kerjakan selama musim ini akan diukur dalam 90 menit atau lebih mungkin, jika perpanjangan waktu diperlukan.



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The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) is an annual esports tournament hosted by Riot Games for their game, League of Legends. It is one of the largest and most prestigious esports tournaments in the world.

The Worlds competition format consists of a group stage, knockout stage, and ultimately, the finals. Participating teams compete in groups and strive to advance to the next stage. From there, they compete in an elimination-style format until reaching the finals.

The timing and location of Worlds vary each year. The event usually takes place in late autumn, between September and November. The venue also changes annually, rotating to different cities around the world.

The prizes for the winners of Worlds include a substantial amount of cash, the championship trophy, and recognition as one of the best teams in the world in League of Legends. Players also gain significant prestige.

Teams from various regional leagues worldwide must compete in their own regional leagues to earn a spot at Worlds. They must achieve top placements or win regional qualification tournaments to secure a place at Worlds. Players also need to perform well in their regional competitions to qualify for Worlds.

You can support your favorite team by purchasing their official merchandise, watching their matches, and showing support on social media. Engaging with fan communities and discussion forums is also a great way to interact with fellow fans.

Worlds is considered special because of its high production quality, participants from all over the world, and intensely competitive atmosphere. It celebrates electronic sports and brings fans together from around the world to celebrate League of Legends.

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